I’m retiring my street team, DaLayne’s Dreamers. Here’s why…

Posted January 18, 2017 by Theresa DaLayne in Blog, Stone Legacy Series / 0 Comments

Hello again.

As part of my mission to step back into the writing world, I’m taking a close look at my capabilities as an author (and basically just as a human being)–especially one with no personal assistant and now four beautiful kids–and it has become clear I need to cut the loose ends that I can’t manage well without help. 

Unfortunately, that means effective immediately, I am retiring my street team, DaLayne’s Dreamers. I started it years ago, but the amount of time required to invest in a successful and engaged street team is just too much for me to juggle.

If I’m going to stay truly engaged with you guys like I want to be, I can’t stretch my resources too thin. And time, as you know, is the ultimate resource. The fact is, I’d much rather interact with you all here, on my mailing list/blog, than try to bounce back and fourth from one platform to the next, only to do one or both of them half-assed. So, no more DaLayne’s Dreamers. :( Boo.

Instead, I’ll keep my hangout spot here, on my website, where I can chat with you all in the comments and answer e-mails you all send. That’s really my favorite way of staying in touch anyway! <3 

Thank you for all of your love and support!

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