I’m back from my hiatus! Come see what i’ve been up to!

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Look who has crawled out of her cave–me!

First of all, thank you for returning to my blog to read my post. It’s been a while since I shared anything, I know. But as I explained a few months ago, I have had very good reason for stepping back from writing/promotion. If you missed it, you may have assumed I sailed off the flat side of the Earth. Sometimes it has felt that’s exactly what happened. But the real reason I’ve been absent is because we have been preparing to welcome a beautiful baby girl into the world. 

Guess what? She’s here!



Staying true to the last blog post I shared, we did name her Salwa, and she’s absolutely perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes, and a pair of lungs to put Lydia from Teen Wolf to shame. (She’s a banshee, in case you haven’t been binge-watching TV series like I have.) But she did give us quite the scare in the delivery room. Moments after she was born, she had trouble breathing. She spent two days in the ICU hooked up to breathing machines to clear fluid out of her lungs. Neither me or my husband got to hold her for that entire time, which was heartbreaking. We were so scared, but thank God she recovered quickly and graduated to the Healthy Baby unit, and was able to go home with us. 


Now that she’s home, Salwa has her own personal lion to watch over her.


OK, so maybe not a lion, but my big, beautiful boy, Thor, sure does look like a lion beside Salwa. Both of my kitties have taken taken to Salwa so well, and love her already. <3

“How are you going to make a comeback after having a baby,” you ask?

The answer to that would be: Slowly and steadily.

I have several projects in the works, including the mermaid story I asked for feedback about months ago. So my mission is going to be finishing up all projects and getting them published. And i’ll be doing this bits at a time, between feedings, diaper changes, and episodes of temporary insanity. Also, seeing as i’m not healed up from my c-section yet, writing gives me a solid reason to sit my butt down and not try to reorganize my entire world–cuz, i’m legit going crazy being stuck in the house. I live in Ohio, so even if I did feel up to venturing out with Salwa, the temperature yesterday was a steady 5*F, and the windchill is truly biting. So no outings for the baby until the weather picks up!

Thank you all so much for your kindness and support. I know taking a temporary hiatus can allow readers forget about me, but I haven’t forgotten about you all. And don’t forget! You’re always welcome to e-mail me at theresa (at) theresadalayne (dot) com. Thanks for being truly amazing. 


13 Responses to “I’m back from my hiatus! Come see what i’ve been up to!”

  1. Liette Bougie

    Congratulations to the lucky parents. She’s truly beautiful. Enjoy all the minutes with her, before you know it, she’ll be ready to leave the nest. And, believe me, that isn’t easy for us parents. But then, one day, you’ll end up with little ones and those are real treasures. Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.

    PS: Love Thor too. My daughter recently adopted a small yellow stray cat my oldest grandson (4 years old) has called Oscar 2 – Little Oscar 2 loves to play with my youngest grandson (8 1/2 months old). Actually, they both think they’re toys to play with. :)

    • Thank you so much, Liette! She’s been so much fun for all of us–including the cats! Today I got Salwa a play mat, and Thore thought it was for him. He immediately started batting at the dangling toys. Sadly, I had to tell him it wasn’t his. lol. Poor kitty. <3 I have 3 other kiddos, ages 11, 9, and 6. I can’t believe in just 7 years, my oldest will be grown and graduating from high school. It’s both exciting and terrifying to think of. Thanks for your well wishes, and tell your daughter I said thank you for adopting a cat in need of a home. I bet her babies love having their own furry friend.



  3. Fee Roberts

    Congratulations! She is beautiful! Those kitties will love her as their own. I know my kitty loves my grandchildren and follows them around like she’s a puppy! Congrats again!

  4. Dianna Slowey-Thomas

    Oh! She is beautiful! I raised 7 girls, yes,7! 5 of my own, and they are a treasure! Such good friends now that they’re big. Congratulations! Enjoy every second, it’s gone forever and far behind before you can even turn around. Blessings to you all.🦋

  5. Terri S.

    Congratulations on your bundle of joy. So happy everyone is alright and that your kitties love Sala as much as y’all do. You deserve to be able to take it easy. We’ll wait and we’ll try to do it with patience. No promises though. Lol

    • Terri S.

      *Salwa Autocorrect apparently does not recognize your daughter’s beautiful name. They should fix that. 😉

      • LOL. That’s ok. My oldest daughter’s name is Sajidah. Auto correct REALLY doesn’t like that one. haha! And it always tries to change my 9 year old’s name from Rayyana to Raihana. Gah! Luckily for my 6 year old, her name is Lina. Pretty basic. 😛

  6. I am happy that you and Salwa are fine now! Hugs… Keeps toes crossed that you get healed soon! I am looking forward to your new books but no hurry at all. We, the readers, can wait as long as needed. Take care!!


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