I am SO upset. And SO sorry…

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Although I feel like this is somehow my fault, I know it’s not. Yet here I am, explaining to you AGAIN on how things are changing, and how it effects you.

First, let me say this. I am not telling you all this to be spiteful or mean to anyone. The fact is, if I don’t explain what happened, you all will be forced to believe–by no fault of your own–that I am just being reckless and irresponsible, and therefor you shouldn’t bother with my blog, newsletters, or even my books.

So here’s the truth, as nicely as I can put it in my current state of disbelief and annoyance.

As you know, I switched all of my newsletter content over to MyAuthorBiz. I did this because they were charging 1/5 what I am paying at another place, and as my newsletter subscribers grow, the cost will grow with it. So I tried to save some money. No harm in that, right?

In this case, it didn’t work out so well.

I invested about 14 hours of time in creating an entire automated newsletter for you all just like the one I have now. That means every image was clickable, every link was active, and every newsletter was set to go. Forms were built from scratch and integrated into my website. I had *just* completed the massive task and felt really good about all the work I’d done. I mean that in no small terms, especially with a newborn baby constantly cradled in my arms. I did this all at night, when I should have been sleeping, so I didn’t ignore my other kids, my laundry,  dishes, etc.

But when I was done setting everything up at MyAuthorBiz, I noticed things weren’t running quite right. Those of you who opted in to certain lists weren’t getting your e-mails. I panicked, and wrote the support team immediately.

The e-mail I got in return was devastating to me.

In a nut shell, this e-mail was from the owner of MyAuthorBiz, stating he was sorry, but he was retiring and closing the company come March. Yes, he was very polite in his e-mail. I’m sure he felt bad. This was in response to my “PLEASE HELP” e-mails I had sent earlier that day. But now I’m left with hours and hours of wasted time, and upset you all opted in and out of lists like I asked–all for nothing.

So here’s the deal.

I’ve transferred all of your sign-ups to the VIP review club directly to the list so you don’t have to do that again. But i’m leaving your newsletter sign-ups alone because you’ll just continue on with the content from where you left off. No starting over again from day one. THANK GOD I didn’t delete my MailChimp account, but instead simply suspended it.

I’m really sorry for the mix-up, or any extra annoyance this caused you. I just wanted to get something almost as good as what I had for a lot less money. It would have been great if that could have happened, but the most important thing is that you all are here, and I’m so happy you are.

Now MyAuthorBiz has a goodbye letter posted to their home page. It’s nice, actually. The owner seems like a sweet older man with good family values. I wish him luck.

If you’re at all curious what the goodbye letter says, here it is.

“I started out several years ago with a plan to automate activities that were taking time away from my author wife’s busy writing schedule. It then became apparent that other authors might want to use resulting apps too, so MyAuthorBiz was born. 

But it turned out that the most important app authors wanted was an inexpensive newsletter service, so we added one to MyAuthorBiz. Unfortunately, we have been trying to catch up to other more established newsletter services for over a year now, but the goal post keeps moving. 

I didn’t start MyAuthorBiz to conquer the world, I started it because it was fun. I found it personally fulfilling to provide new authors an inexpensive way to get their branding started. 

But the fun is gone and I’d rather be walking a beach with my wife and visiting with my grandson. 

I want to thank all the authors who have used MyAuthorBiz over the years (except a couple of bad apples) and wish you all success in your writing endeavors. 

I apologize for this inconvenience. You will be able to continue using MyAuthorBiz free until then. However, please export your data by 3/15/2017. Let us know if you need any help. 

Regards, John”


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