A long-overdue explanation on my absence.

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Hey everyone.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, but every time I get to bed (where I work on the computer most of the time) my brain has already shut off and i’m afraid of typing some kind of incoherent gibberish. But I would like to take a few minutes to explain why I’ve been pretty much completely MIA lately. And by lately, I mean for the last few months. Yeah, it’s been a while…

So, as you guys know from my baby announcement, we are expecting a new addition–in EIGHT weeks. Yes, it’s right around the corner. Baby is due December 19th at 9:30 am (via a scheduled c-section) and I’ve been a complete mad-woman running around trying to get ready for a new kiddo. Speaking of–did I ever share the sex of the baby with you? I don’t think so. It’s a girl! Yes, another lovely young lady to add to our home. She’ll be our fourth girl (we have ALL girls–say a prayer for my husband ;), and we’ve decided to name her Salwa

I won’t get into too much detail because, well, it’s probably not super professional to start sharing my medical history. But what I will say is I’ve pretty much fallen off the face of the planet because of some complications and difficulties, which have all but consumed every spare second of my time. Any spare time I do have, i’m focusing on my 3 other kids who need mommy to do homework with them, cook dinner, do laundry, and spend rare and special quality time with them. They’ve been super involved in the pregnancy to date, so they have also been very helpful and empathetic with everything that’s going on. And that’s a tall order for an 11, 9, and 6 year old to fulfill. Kids are often times very self-involved, but my girls have been ah-mazing in keeping things running and being extra patient with me when i’m having one of my miserable days. 

Today I went through my e-mail and responded to all of the overdue ARC requests you guys have sent in. I also had the pleasure of reading some fun e-mails you sent in response to some of my newsletter posts. Thank you all so much for staying engaged and interacting with me, even when I’ve failed to be punctual lately in responding. I really do apologize for my tardiness. It’s not typical of me–as you know–and I’m always happy to hear from you. Reading your e-mails is a stress reliever. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to relieve stress these days. Salwa will be the first baby we’ve had in the house in almost 7 years (my youngest daughter was born March 2010) so I have NOTHING for her. lol. Starting over from scratch is really hard, but I’m almost ready. We have all the big stuff and are now working on the smaller but vital things necessary to keep her happy, healthy, and warm. :) This year in Ohio, the winter is predicted to be super brutal. Yikes!

I hope you have a fantastic day, and thanks again for all of your patience, understanding, empathy, and general awesomeness. You guys really are the best!!! 


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  1. Anita Harris

    I am so sorry sorry for you and the problems you are having. Life is funny that way. I myself don’t have any children ( except for my seven furbabies) out of the five children that are in my family, I am the youngest. The thing about the complications my family had, as we are all grown up now. At the youngest, which is me, I am 52years old. There is only two boys in me and my siblings. Only one two nephews out of a total of nine nieces and nephews. You see, my family has trouble carrying boys to term.
    Sorry about telling you all about my family, and their problems. I hope it hasn’t upset you, or cause anymore problems. What I was getting to was that my youngest niece was 17, when my sister had her last baby. Talk about having to buy everything new. And even if she had saved things for some unknown reasons it wouldn’t have worked, because the youngest one of all my siblings children was a 10 pound boy. He was born naturally, instead of by c-section. I am still not sure how, and he is in his twenties now. So remember, it doesn’t matter whether you keep things or not, a baby is always a gift from God. No matter how many years apart they are. I as I’ve said have no children, but it you are ever around Columbia or Jefferson City, Missouri I volunteer for free baby sitting services for you.
    May God be with you at all times, and shower you with his love,
    Anita Harris

  2. Laurie Faidley-Harrell

    First of all Congratulations are in order ! Years ago I had a very complicated pregnancy, I had to have restricted bed rest, they thought my daughter would have Down’s syndrome, or a spinal problem., due to a test result that was wrong. I had to go through genetic counseling, etc. My 9 months went so slowly. I had to have my labor induced, then I had to have an emergency C-Section (this is why I only have 1 child- she was born in 1988). Today my baby girl is 28 years old with 2 children of her own, 2 boys, one 6 months old and the other 6 years old! It was very stressful! After all we went through, my baby was delivered on January 19, 1988 and she was very healthy with no abnormalities! I’m not sure exactly what you are going through, but I can sympathize. I hope thing settle down some, and become less stressful for you My thoughts and prayer are with you and I will pray for you to deliver a happy, healthy, baby girl in December!

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